Data on the activity patterns and diet of the adult male and a lactating female of a wild brown howler monkey group


Here we provided the main datasets used to run the GLMMs of the following paper:

Chaves OM, Martins V, Camaratta D, and Bicca-Marques JC. 2019. Successful adoption of an orphan infant in a wild group of brown howler monkeys". Primates

The study group was followed for 293 h distributed in 29 sampling days from April 2013 to January 2014 and the behavioral observations were collected using two methods: instantaneous scans and focal animal. In these datasets we provided detailed information on the diet and activity patterns of both the adoptive mother (Sofia) and the adut male. These datasets were used to run the GLMM models described in the main manuscript.

Specifically, we provided the following datasets:

1) data_behavior_by_individual_Dec19.xlsx: data on the behavior of the adoptive mother (Sofia) and the adult male, including detailed information on the food species exploited.

2) dataset_activity_patterns_Sofia.xlsx: dataset on the activity patterns of the adoptive mother including the bootstrap samples

3) dataset_activity_patterns_adult_male.xlsx: dataset on the activity patterns of the adult male including the bootstrap samples

4) R_scripts_to_construct_Fig2_and_Fig3.docx: R scripts used to construct the figures 2 and 3 using the R program ggplot2.

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