SemSms - Semantic Database for Skolt Sami

This SQLite database contains Skolt Sami lemmas and their frequencies in a big corpus. The lemmas are linked to each other based on the syntactic relations they have had in the corpus. Also, the frequency of a syntactic relation between two words is recorded. This means that it is possible to see how frequently for example the word for a dog has appeared with a subject relation with the verb for bark.

These database is translated from SemFi by using Giellatekno XML dictionaries.

For a detailed description of the structure, see

An easy programmatic interface is provided in UralicNLP:,-SemUr)

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Hämäläinen, Mika. (2018). Extracting a Semantic Database with Syntactic Relations for Finnish to Boost Resources for Endangered Uralic Languages. In The Proceedings of Logic and Engineering of Natural Language Semantics 15 (LENLS15)

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