Labrador fiords zooplankton, phytoplankton, nutrients, and CTD data

Zooplankton and phytoplankton composition and abundance were investigated in Nachvak, Saglek, Okak and Anaktalak fjords in the winter (November) 2006, summer (July/August) 2007 and winter (November) 2009. Vertical Hydrobios and Monster nets and oblique Tucker Trawls were used to collect zooplankton. At each station we determined the vertical profiles of irradiance, temperature, salinity, transmissiometry, oxygen, and chlorophyll fluorescence, as well as nutrient and dissolved organic carbon concentrations, using a CTD‐rosette system. During the summer 2007 and winter 2009 survey, water samples were collected 3 optical depths (50%, 15% and chlorophyll max) in the photic zone to obtain measurements of Chl a and for the determination of cell counts and species composition. Primary production measurements were taken at the mouth of each fjord during the summer 2007 and winter 2009 survey.

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Creator Esteban Estrada; Jean-Eric Tremblay and Michel Gosselin; Louis Fortier and Louis Létourneau; Tanya Brown; Tom Sheldon
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