Hydrological records in 5 min resolution of tributaries in the Mueglitz River Basin (Germany)


A hydrological dataset of LTC records with 5 min temporal resolution was obtained from 5 leveloggers at the riverbed of 5 tributaries of the Mueglitz River Germany. Time series are split into 3 different product levels to consider the processing of raw data. Level 1 includes the stacked and cleaned time series of water temperature, absolute pressure and electric conductivity for each monitoring location. Level 2 adds a data column "level", which describes the time-dependent water level of each stream at the logger location. Level 3 provides time series of surface water discharge derived from level 2 data by applying the Manning equation. Manning coefficients were computed from manual discharge measurements using a portable flowmeter. For each manual discharge measurement available, a time series of derived calibrated stream discharge is provided at the related datalogger location.Provided variables are essential to the recognition of the functioning of small-scale rainfall-runoff processes induced by heavy rain events. In particular, this dataset can be used to understand water balance dynamics in the catchment and may serve as input data to multiple hydrological models.

Raw data is available at: https://sensor.awi.de/?site=path&device=station:mueglitz

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