Wood Mobilization Survey


Understanding the market behavior of forest owners and managers is important to identify effective and efficient policy instruments that enhance wood provisioning. We conducted a choice experiment (CE) at two study sites in south-eastern Germany (Upper Bavaria and Lower Franconia) and two in north-eastern Switzerland (Grisons and Aargau) to elicit foresters’ preferences for different supply channels, contract lengths, wood prices and duration of business relations. CE belong to the stated preference methods to analyze individual decision making. Respondents had to choose among three options based on different attribute levels in 12 consecutive choice sets. Our study site comparison identified regional differences and particularities, which should be taken into account when promoting wood mobilization. The success of policy instruments, such as the promotion of bundling organizations and long-term contracts, can vary depending on the specific structural and institutional conditions, like existing marketing channels, as well as on behavioral aspects of the particular public and private decision makers.

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