Dendrochronological analysis at Lac des Marets, Central Labrador, Canada

Using increment boring tools, the two most dominant tree species were sampled for subsequent dendrochronological analysis. Twenty trees of each species were sampled, with two cores extracted from each tree (80 cores total from each site). Samples will be measured and cross-dated in the lab, and master chronologies will be created for each species using standard dendrochronological procedures. Statistical procedures will isolate the climatic factor(s) influencing each tree-species growth, and this information will be used to evaluate each species and its individual radial growth-climate relationship. Dataset variables, with brief description of each variable: Sample #: Black Spruce: 07CDL101 to 07CDL120. Balsam Fir: 07CDL301 to 07CDL320. Grid zone: 20 U. GPS UTM: Easting 0566396, Northing 5760998. Elevation (m asl): 388m. Notes: Two dominant species were black spruce (Picea mariana) and balsam fir (Abies balsamea).

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