CanSIPSv2 Seasonal Sea Ice Hindcasts and Forecasts

CanSIPSv2 historical forecasts or hindcasts consist of output from two Environment and Climate Change Canada climate simulation and forecast models, CanCM4i and GEM-NEMO, with ensembles of 10 forecast runs from each model in order to address the large uncertainties inherent in climate forecasts and to enable the probabilities of different forecast outcomes to be quantified. Hindcasts are initialized from the start of each month from January 1980 until December 2019, and have a duration of 12 months (215 days for GEM-NEMO after 2013). Data consist of daily and monthly mean values for sea ice concentration, regridded onto a regular 1 degree latitude/longitude grid in NetCDF format, with each ensemble member contained in a separate file. Data for hindcasts initialized at the start of month 01 = Jan for each included year can be downloaded from for CanCM4i, and for GEM-NEMO. Data from forecasts initialized in the remaining months 02 = Feb,…,12 = Dec can be accessed by replacing 01 by 02, etc. in the above urls.

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Creator Merryfield, William; Lin, Hai; Dirkson, Arlan; Diro, Gulilat; Kharin, Slava; Lee, Woosung; Lemieux, Jean-Francois; Markovic, Marko; Muncaster, Ryan; Smith, Greg
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Polar Data Catalogue
Publication Year 2020
Rights Research programs, CCIN, or ArcticNet take no liability for the use or transmission of this data
OpenAccess true
Contact bill.merryfield(at); pdc(at)
Language English
Format Computer file
Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (-140.000W, 80.000S, -140.000E, 80.000N)
Temporal Coverage Begin 1980-01-01T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2020-12-31T00:00:00Z