Replication Data for: Le rôle de la variation dans le développement phonologique: Acquisition du schwa illustrée par deux corpus d'apprenants norvégiens


Article abstract: Phonological variation forms an integrated part of language acquisition, and one important challenge for learners of French as a post-L1 language concerns schwa alternation, in perception as well as production. This paper presents a first analysis of the behavior of schwa in conversational speech in two Norwegian learner corpora, and tests the hypothesis whereby the acquisition of the phonological variable depends on phonotactic structure and frequency. The examination of the learners' productions indicates that even at an advanced level, they are far from mastering the target system, which encourages a more explicit exposition in the classroom to the factors conditioning schwa alternation. About the dataset: The dataset consists of 2 data files and a readme-file explaining the content of the data files. The 2 data files contain information about schwa behavior in monosyllables and the initial syllable of polysyllables, in conversational speech, in two learner corpora (Norwegian learners of French as a post-L1 language). The data are coded by making use of the schwa pilot coding system developed within the IPFC project (Interphonologie du français contemporain).

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Creator Lyche, Chantal;Andreassen, Helene N.
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Publication Year 2018
Contact Stephan, Danielle;Eychenne, Julien;Andreassen, Helene N.
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