Water quality in southern Hudson Bay, autumn 2012

26 water samples were collected at approximately 15 stations along a ~50 km transect from fresh water in the Nelson River out to the outer estuary. All water samples were filtered on board, and subsamples were retained for analysis for dissolved and particulate OC, N, P and Si, and for SPM, chlorophyll a, CDOM (absorption and fluorescence spectra), oxygen-18 and salinity. At each station, water column profiles were recorded, each to the bottom or at least 30 m depth, using an Idronaut CTD with conductivity, temperature, depth and turbidity sensors, together with an RBR CTD for additional chlorophyll and CDOM fluorescence sensors.

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Creator Greg McCullough;Tim Papakyriakou;Lisa Miller;David Barber
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Publication Year 2013
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Spatial Coverage (57N-60N,93W-92W)
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