Repetitive trajectory testing in Tschamut 2014


In summer 2014, 6 rock blocks between 20 and 80kg have been thrown in total 111 times down a slope at the Swiss Oberalppass close to the village Tschamut. The slope was mainly covered by grass and its lower part was flat and large enough to provide natural runouts of the single trajectories. An extensive measurement program has been set up to measure the block trajectories: With surveyor's instruments the slope and the six used rock blocks were scanned and the start and end positions of each test were recorded. During the single events two cameras filmed the trajectories. A special sensor device located within the blocks recorded the acting accelerations and rotational speeds over time. Further, the device emitted a Wifi signal that got detected from eight receivers around the slope. Based on this signal the block position has been recorded over time. The dataset contains all data that were gathered through above field campaign.

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