Dataset of Italian Municipal Unions (Intermunicipal Cooperation forms). 1996-2015.


The dataset provides data on Municipal Unions (MUs) in Italy for the 1996-2015 period. Municipal Unions are forms of intermunicipal cooperation aimed at delivering municipal services and characterized by a high degree of formalization and institutionalization. The following 15 variables/indicators are taken into account: Year of establishment of the Municipal Union (Year); number of founding members (N founding members); number of members (N members 2015); number of member municipalities subject to compulsory cooperation by the Italian law (N C members); belonging (Y) or not (N) of all MU member municipalities to a unique Socio-sanitary District (Unique SSD); belonging (Y) or not (N) of all MU member municipalities to a unique Local Work System (Unique LWS); total inhabitants (Inh.N); inhabitants of the smallest member municipality (Inh.S); inhabitants of the largest member municipality (Inh.B); ratio smallest/largest population (Inh.R); average population (Inh.Av.); surface area (sq Km); average surface area (Av. Sur); Territorial Accessibility Index (TAI); Demographic Balance Index (DBI). The dataset gives systematic information on Municipal Unions established in Italy from 1996 to 2015. Data relate to 2015, unless differently specified. A total number of 462 Municipal Unions is taken into account, that is all those present in the country at the year of data collection.

Municipal Unions in Italy

All Municipal Unions created in the period 1996-2015

Quelle: Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT)

Source: Italian National Statistics Institute (ISTAT)

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