Modified CanSIPS Seasonal Sea Ice Hindcasts and Forecasts

Modified CanSIPS (Mod-CanSIPS) hindcasts and pseudo-operational forecasts consist of output from two Environment and Climate Change Canada forecast models, CanCM3 and CanCM4, run in an experimental mode of standard CanSIPS with improved sea ice initialization. An ensemble of 10 forecast runs from each model are performed in order to address the large uncertainties inherent in climate forecasts and to enable the probabilities of different forecast outcomes to be quantified. 12-month hindcasts are initialized from the start of each month from January 1979 to December 2012, whereas 12-month pseudo-operational forecasts are initialized from the start of each month from January 2013 to December 2019. In contrast to standard CanSIPS, Mod-CanSIPS hindcast initial conditions for sea ice concentration are obtained from a blend of HadISST2.2 ice concentration ( and digitized ice charts from the Canadian Ice Service. Sea ice concentration initial conditions for the pseudo-operational forecasts are obtained as they are in standard CanSIPS operational forecasts. For both hindcasts and pseudo-operational forecasts, initial conditions for sea ice thickness are obtained using the SMv3 statistical model ( Mod-CanSIPS daily and monthly mean sea ice concentration data can be downloaded from<MM>/<MODEL>/SIC. Filenames for 1979-2012 are of the form sic_<TF>CCCma-<MODEL>_NEW_original_grid_i<YYYY><MM>, and for 2013-2019 sic<TF>CCCma-<MODEL>_NEW_OPER_original_grid i<YYYY><MM> In the above, <MODEL> is either CanCM3 or CanCM4, <YYYY> and <MM> are the forecast start year and month, and <TF> is either monthly or daily.

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