XMM-COSMOS X-Ray Selected Type-2 AGN

This table contains the results from a study of the multi-wavelength (from the mid-infrared to the hard X-ray) properties of a sample of 255 spectroscopically identified X-ray selected Type-2 AGN from the XMM-COSMOS survey. Most of them are obscured and the X-ray absorbing column density is determined by either X-ray spectral analyses (for 45% of the sample), or from hardness ratios. Spectral energy distributions (SEDs) were computed for all sources in the sample. The average SEDs in the optical band are dominated by the host-galaxy light, especially at low X-ray luminosities and redshifts. There is also a trend between X-ray and mid-infrared luminosity: the AGN contribution in the infrared is higher at higher X-ray luminosities. The authors have calculated bolometric luminosities, bolometric corrections, stellar masses and star formation rates (SFRs) for these sources using multi-component modeling to properly disentangle the emission associated with stellar light from that due to black hole accretion. For 90% of the sample, they also have the morphological classifications obtained with an upgraded version of the Zurich estimator of structural types (ZEST+). The authors find that, on average, type-2 AGN have lower bolometric corrections than type-1 AGN. Moreover, they confirm that the morphologies of AGN host-galaxies indicate that there is a preference for these type-2 AGN to be hosted in bulge-dominated galaxies with stellar masses greater than 10<sup>10</sup> solar masses. For each source, this table contains the X-ray ID, spectroscopic redshift, logarithm of the 2-10keV luminosity, logarithm of the bolometric luminosity, bolometric correction, logarithm of the stellar mass, star formation rate, absolute magnitude M<sub>U</sub>, absolute magnitude M<sub>V</sub>, absolute magnitude M<sub>J</sub> (Johnson-Kron-Cousin system), and the morphological class.

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