Dendrochronological analyses of tree core samples (dominant trees) LWF


Two stem core samples of 12 to 20 trees outside the plot of each main species in the plot were taken at breast height (1.3 m above ground) with a SUUNTO corer. Tree ring width and density were determined with the instruments CATRAS and TSAP, the Densitometer DENDRO 2003 and a stereo-microscope. The selected trees included at least 12 pre-dominant or dominant trees and if possible also 4 subdominant or surpressed trees. NOTE: The samplings were carried out between 1996 and 1999 for most plots and in 2003 for the plot Lantsch. The cores cover a time span depending on the age of the oldest trees on a plot. On one plot the oldest sampled tree ring grew in the year 1646. Purpose: Reconstruction of stand history and tree growth Manual Citation: * Paolo Cherubini, Matthias Dobbertin, 1997: Bestandesgeschichte (Dendrochronologie). In: Peter Brang (ed.), Aufnahmeanleitung LWF. Langfristige Waldökosystem-Forschung LWF, Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL, Birmensdorf, 3 S. * Cherubini, P.; Dobbertin, M., 1998: The Swiss long-term forest ecosystem research: methods for reconstructing forest history. In: Borghetti, M. (ed): Società Italiana di Selvicoltura ed Ecologia Forestale (SISEF), Atti I: 19-22. Paper Citation: * Cherubini, P., Fontana, G., Rigling, D., Dobbertin, M., Brang, P., Innes, J.L., 2002. Tree-life history prior to death: two fungal root pathogens affect tree-ring growth differently. J. Ecol. 90, 839-850.

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Spatial Coverage (8.713 LON, 47.049 LAT); Alptal, Beatenberg, Bettlachstock, Celerina, Chironico, Isone, Jussy, Nationalpark, Neunkirch, Novaggio, Lantsch, Lausanne, Lens, Othmarsingen, Schaenis, Visp, Vordemwald