Daily data of the volumes, solutes and isotopes in snowpack outflow measured at three locations in the southern Alp catchment


This data contain volumes, solutes and isotopes of snowpack outflow measured by a snowmelt lysimeter system at three locations in the southern Alp catchment, situated Central Switzerland. The river Alp is a snow-dominated catchment situated in Central Switzerland characterized by an elevation range from 840 to 1898 m a.s.l.
The dataset provides solutes (major anions and cations, trace metals) and stable water isotopes and water fluxes (snowpack outflow volumes) at daily intervals from several sampling locations. Additionally, the data measured by the snowmelt lysimeter system are provided in 10-minute resolution. The data will be publically available estimated by the end of 2019.

DOI https://doi.org/10.16904/envidat.71
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Creator Andrea Rücker (WSL, ETH Zürich); Massimiliano Zappa (WSL); Jana von Freyberg (ETH Zürich, WSL); James W. Kirchner (ETH Zürich, WSL)
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