pCO2 transect in the Mackenzie River and Beaufort Sea (ARDEX)

Gas fluxes were measured using a continous flow of surface water through a gas equilibrator that splits the gas flow between an oxygen sensor and a LiCor GasHound infrared CO2 analyzer. System was turned on to measure CO2 and O2 at 1 min intervals (ship moving in the Mackenzie river) or at 1h intervals (ship remained on station). Discrete samples were collected for PCO2 and DIC.

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Creator Warwick Vincent; Patricia Ramlal
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Polar Data Catalogue
Publication Year 2012
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Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (-134.700W, 68.300S, -132.200E, 70.100N)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2004-07-24T00:00:00Z
Temporal Coverage End 2004-08-03T00:00:00Z