Baker Lake, Nunavut, Limnology Data May 2016 (NGMP ID EC33)

Water column profiles of temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity and pH were measured at 1-m intervals through the water column from the surface to near the lake bottom at six locations on Baker Lake. Water quality samples were collected for analysis of general water chemistry, trace metals, cyanide, radionuclides and phytoplankton from a variety of depths at a subset of seven sites. The seven sites included; Baker-1: Baker Lake - bay (lat: 64°16'58.9"N, long: 95°56'49.8"W), Baker-2: Main Basin - west (lat: 64°10'13.5"N, long: 95°32'07.4"W), Baker-3: Main Basin - east (lat: 64°06'53.7"N, long: 94°40'49.5"W), Baker-4: Outlet Channel - base (lat: 63°59'48.7"N, long: 94°22'38.5"W), Baker-5: Theon River Mouth (lat: 64°17'10.3"N, long: 96°04'26.8"W), Baker-6: Hamlet Water Supply (lat: 64°18'47.8"N, long: 96°01'10.1"W), and Baker WTP: Hamlet Water Treatment Plant. Profile data were collected using a YSI 6920 MP sonde and water quality samples were analyzed by ALS Laboratories.

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Spatial Coverage (-96.000W, 63.000S, -94.000E, 64.000N)
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