Sens2Change-Warming and crude oil exposure in polar cod early life stages


This data set represents the finding from the Sens2change experiment exposing embryonic and larval polar cod (Boreogadus saida) to a warming scenario (2.8°C or 0.5°C) and crude oil exposure (concentrations of 0, 0.19, 0.75, and 3 g crude oil/ kg gravel -corresponding to control, low, medium and high treatments, respectively). The development, survival, growth, morphometrics, and some molecular analyses are included in this data set. Data represents what is synthesized in the first part of this study from fertilization through first feeding (day 52 at 2.8°C and day 76 at 0.5°C). The study was conducted at the Aquaculture station in Kårvika, Norway in the Spring and Summer of 2018. The parental generation (from which gametes were collected from) were captured in the wild southeast of Hinlopen Strait in the NW Barents Sea November of 2017 and transported by boat to the facility. Stripping, fertilization, and the start of the exposure experiment was performed on January 28th 2018. The end of the experiment was officially 172 days after the start however many fish were samples or perished before the end. The collection of wild adult polar cod and experimentation with feeding larval stages was carried out with approval from the Norwegian Fisheries Department (17/14068) and The Norwegian Food Safety Authority (17/243813), respectively.

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