Colour-shaded seafloor relief, Middle Channel 2007, Mackenzie Delta, Beaufort Sea, offshore northern Canada

The data set is an image of colour-shaded sun-illuminated seafloor topography collected from Mackenzie Delta in the Beaufort Sea in 2007 by the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) (GSCA). Data were collected with a SwathPlus Interferometric Sidescan system on Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), Multibeam Expedition, Beaufort Explorer 2007306. Depth readings are accurate to within 30 cm in water depths less than 30 m and 1% of water depth in water depths greater than 30 m. These data were collected using Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) which determines the position of the vessel with an accuracy of 3 to 5 m. The horizontal accuracy of the swath data is variable, depending on beam angle, water depth and inaccuracies due to sound velocity profile errors. To create the colour-shaded relief a depth color gradient is applied to a grey-scale image. To have more information about this process and the other image, please refer to the data file entitled: CCIN12019_20150106_Middle_Channel_3m_Seafloor_Extended_Metadata_FGDC_csr.xml

Metadata Access
Creator Dustin Whalen
Publisher Canadian Cryospheric Information Network
Contributor Natural Resources Canada
Publication Year 2015
Rights Public
Language English
Discipline Environmental Research
Spatial Coverage (69N-69N,135W-135W)
Temporal Coverage Begin 2007-08-12T11:59:59Z
Temporal Coverage End 2007-08-24T11:59:59Z