MBES bathymetry from Ormonde to Formigas


MBES bathymetry data gathered on the way to Formigas from Ormonde and from Formigas to Ormond during MEDWAVES cruise; ATLAS project.Used MBES was a Hydrosweep DS-3 model from ATLAS. Beam width is 1º along tarck by 1º across track. Position records from GPS and vessel attitude is controlled by a POS MV unit from Applanix. Sound refraction is corrected by real time measurements of the sound velocity at the transducer depth in addition to sound velocity profiles of the water column gathered from different CTD casts taken before and after each survey. The software for procesing bathimetric data was CARIS 10. Resulting grid has been resampled to 1/8 minute grid georreferenced to mercator WGS84 in decimal degrees. Format: Geotiff to open with cartographyc and GIS softwre (ie. ArcGIS, QGIS)

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Publication Year 2018
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