Iterative unbiasing of quasi-equilibrium sampling


This repository contains the PLUMED-2 input files required to generate the data used in the ITRE publications. ITRE is a method to reweight Molecular Dynamics trajectory biased with a history-dependent potential (such as Metadynamics), and calculate unbiased thermodynamic observables. Since it uses the trajectory itself as a proxy of a grid, its scaling does not depend on the dimensionality of the space explored. In addition, thanks to its formulation, it is less affected by out-of-equilibrium points that characterize the early stages of a biased calculation and are usually discarded. Thanks to this feature, it can be used to increase the statistics when evaluating a thermodynamic observable from biased calculation.

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Creator Giberti, Federico; Cheng, Bingqing; Tribello, Gareth; Ceriotti, Michele
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