Passive acoustic telemetry data for Siberian taimen (Hucho taimen Pallas 1773) in the Onon River and Balj tributary (Amur River basin, Mongolia, 2013-2014), supplement to: Kaus, Andrew; Büttner, Olaf; Schäffer, Michael; Balbar, Gankhuyag; Surenkhorloo, Purevdorj; Borchardt, Dietrich (2016): Seasonal home range shifts of the Siberian taimen (Hucho taimen Pallas 1773): Evidence from passive acoustic telemetry in the Onon River and Balj tributary (Amur River basin, Mongolia). International Review of Hydrobiology, 101(5-6), 147-159

Hucho taimen, the world's largest salmonid, is a potadromous species that is listed as endangered in Mongolia. While mature individuals are known to have extended longitudinal movements of over 90km along main river channels, details of the seasonal movements and residency of individuals within and between tributary habitats have been largely undocumented. Therefore, the current research aimed to detect and quantify the seasonal distances moved by adult taimen (65-96 cm; n=10) within and between the Onon River (Amur River basin) and a major tributary (Balj) over 12 months using passive acoustic telemetry. The time, position, weight and length of the fish is provided here.

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