Neptune-like planets low-density overabundance (Cubillos+ 2017)

We compiled our sample by collecting and cross-checking the lists of exoplanets from the NASA Exoplanet Archive (, the Exoplanets Data Explorer (, Han et al. 2014PASP..126..827H), and The Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia (, Schneider et al. 2012, ASP Conf. Ser. 461, 447). We selected the targets with measured planetary radii and masses, whose mass is less than ~2 Neptune masses (Mp<30M-{Eeath}). We adopted stellar rotational angular velocity ({Omage}_rot) from McQuillan, Mazeh & Aigrain (2013, Cat. J/ApJ/775/L11) and ages from Morton et al. (2016, Cat. J/ApJ/822/86). Our final sample consists of 167 planets (Table A1).

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