Georeferenced photomosaics of cold seep sites around Venere mud volcano, Ionian Sea (Central Mediterranean) during RV METEOR cruise M112, supplement to: Loher, Markus; Marcon, Yann; Pape, Thomas; Römer, Miriam; Wintersteller, Paul; dos Santos Ferreira, Christian; Praeg, Daniel; Torres, Marta; Sahling, Heiko; Bohrmann, Gerhard (in press): Seafloor sealing, doming, and collapse associated with gas seeps and authigenic carbonate structures at Venere mud volcano, Central Mediterranean. Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers


Five georeferenced seafloor photomosaics from three different cold seep sites in the periphery of Venere mud volcano, Ionian Sea (Central Mediterranean).

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Creator Pape, Thomas;Bohrmann, Gerhard;Loher, Markus;Wintersteller, Paul;dos Santos Ferreira, Christian;Römer, Miriam;Marcon, Yann;Praeg, Daniel;Sahling, Heiko;Torres, Marta
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Publication Year 2018
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Spatial Coverage (37N-38N,16E-18E)
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