4850 MHz Survey - GB6/PMN

The 4850MHz data is a combination of data from three different surveys: Parkes-MIT-NRAO (PMN) Southern (-88° to -37° declination) and tropical surveys (-29° to -9° declination, and (86+87) Green Bank survey (0° to +75° declination). The data contains gaps between -27° to -39°, -9° to 0°, and +77° to +90° declination.

The 4850MHz survey data were obtained by tape from J.J. Condon and are comprised of 576 images and are used by permission. Full information pertaining to these surveys are found in the references.

Source https://skyview.gsfc.nasa.gov
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Creator NRAO, generated by J.J. Condon, J.J. Broderick and G.A. Seielstad, Douglas, K., and Gregory, P.C.
Contributor International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA)
Publication Year 2020
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