Zooplankton and ichthyoplankton samples from Makkovik Bay, Labrador

In 2018, we conducted summer (June - August) plankton surveys of Makkovik Bay with a Bongo plankton sampler (11" diameter and 335 micron mesh) to document the abundance and distribution of zooplankton. Stationary vertical tows are performed to sample plankton throughout water column, and oblique tows (20 minutes at 10 meters and 2.5 kt) are done to collect ichthyoplankton. Zooplankton samples are preserved in a formaldehyde solution before being sorted for taxonomic identification and abundance. Ichthyoplankton samples are identified to the species, measured and kept in ethanol for otolith analyses.

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Creator Geoffroy, Maxime; Hiscock, Wade; Andersen, Errol; Boaler, Chelsea; Broomfield, Todd; Clément, Marie
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Publication Year 2020
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Spatial Coverage (-59.400W, 54.960S, -59.140E, 55.230N)
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